Implant Manufacturers
A Cochlear Implant is actually two devices. The implant is the small electronic and electrode array implanted under the scalp behind the ear. The processor is the electronics worn outside the ear. CI processors are worn behind the ear (BTE). They house a computer, microphone(s) and battery. Manufacturers may give the implant one name and the processor another name.
Advanced Bionics is a USA based company. Their current implant system is called Nadia. AB's social networking site is Hearing Journey.
Cochlear is the USA Distributor for the Australian Cochlear Corp. Their latest implant is called the Nucleus 6 better known as the N6. They also make the Baha 3 designed for single sided deafness. They host Cochlear Community, a social networking site where recipients help each other and post blogs.
MedEl is based in Austria. Their latest implant is called the Maestro. They also make a middle ear implant system (different than a cochlear implant) called the Vibrant Soundbridge. They call their social netorking site HearPeers.